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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tech engages students: Study

In its 2004 survey, the National School Boards Association recently took a look at technology in US classrooms and found that, besides the usual suspect (funding), the biggest challenge facing school districts in the technology area was integrating tech into the classroom. Funding was the toughest for 47.2%, and integrating tech into day-to-day learning was a challenge for 45.7% of districts. But it looks like schools are determined to beat the latter, because 88.5% of districts reported that the use of tech in the classroom increased educational opportunities for their students. When asked how technology had improved those opportunities, 80.4% said students were "more engaged in learning" when tech was in the classroom. Only 16% of districts said that proving that there were benefits for student learning success was a challenge. Our thanks to TechLearning News for pointing out these findings.


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