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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Missing school PCs?

Check eBay. That's what a teacher in Los Angeles did - and that's where he found 10 Macintosh G5 computers (worth about $5,000 each) that had gone missing from his digital animation classroom, the Los Angeles Times reports. They were being auctioned off at eBay by two seniors (who were not in animation teacher Alan Evans's class) at the Palos Verdes high school. Evans told the Times he checked eBay because he didn't know of any way the computers could be unloaded quickly on the street. "With a few keystrokes, a listing popped up for the 10 computers at starting bids of $800 each and two addresses that investigators used" to arrest the suspects, both 18. Police found the Macs in a storage facility. None had been sold." Evans was kind of amazed the kids thought they had anonymity on eBay.


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