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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Moms are gamers too!

Online gaming is not just child's play. Look at the success of Club Pogo. Its card, board, puzzle, and word games "attracted an astonishing 500,000 subscribers" in its first year as a paid service ($4.99/month), and 75% of its members are women whose average age is 35 (spending an average of 50 hours a month playing games), reports. The article cites Pew Internet & American Life figures showing that nearly half (48%) of all broadband Internet users play games online. They're the new online porn, though a bit more respectable, eContent says, explaining that "just as cable TV and satellite companies understood long ago that soft-core porn is the content that brings many people into a distribution network, ISPs like Comcast and RCN are already partnering with games providers in order to add value and differentiation to their high-speed offerings."


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