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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

'Mobile [phone] clubbing'

Most surprising is that it's silent, but also seemingly spontaneous and every bit as energetic as the dancing that occurs in nightclubs. In this case (at London's Waterloo Station), 20 or 30 people are dancing in a Conga line at 6:45 pm, all to the sound of their own iPods. "Other commuter look on dumbfounded," The Register reports. "It is unclear where the concept of Mobile Clubbing originates but one thing is clear, that in the world of spontaneous mass public gatherings, it has replaced Flash Mobbing." All kinds of people participate, tipped off via chatrooms, phone texting, and sometimes on the spot via their own eyes - whole families, youth, older people, all colors, all just having fun. Sounds infectious. Will it cross The Pond to the States? I'll let you know if I hear of anything, but do I sound old if I say what an amazing age we live in?


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