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Monday, November 01, 2004

Taking teens beyond text

That is Virgin Mobile USA's intention. According to CNET, the "wireless operator for teenagers" (about 2 million of them) just announced a new super-speedy cell phone that is "more in line with a teen's short attention span and mercurial mood." [Hmm, that sentiment, which CNET says were from a Virgin Mobile USA representative, seems a bit demeaning.] The Audiovox Flasher V7 phone uses Sprint's wireless network, "which operates at about 70 kilobits per second, or more than twice as fast as Virgin Mobile USA subscribers are used to." That means much faster send and receive time for new features like "My Pix, a photo-messaging and online picture-storage service, and VirginXL, for buying downloadable, full-color games, wallpapers and screensavers," taking them beyond texting, which is what 60% of its customers like to do. Virgin Mobile USA is also trying to be sensitive to its subscribers by recognizing "teenagers' fluid financial state" and offering service without requiring them to sign a contract.


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