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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Juice Box, not juke box

For those of us packing lunches with juice boxes, Mattel's version is a cute play on words. USATODAY calls the new, pocket-size Juice Box video player - which comes in red, blue, or green - "anything but a toy." Because it plays color video and music and displays digital photos, it's being sold in both electronics and toy stores. The price is right for the tweens and teens Mattel's targeting: It "costs $70 and its MP3 Starter Kit, which is needed to transfer MP3 tunes and photos from the PC, is $45. That adds up to $115, which is a good deal for a gadget that works as video player, a photo viewer and an MP3 player," USATODAY reports. But it's music videos they're talking about - not full-blown films, unfortunately. At $115, that would be too good to be true.


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