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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Good idea for picture phones

A UK privacy-rights organization is recommending to cell-phone makers that they make flash standard on all phones, the BBC reports. Privacy International says that camera phones make it a lot easier to take illicit photos without permission - a threat to people's privacy, especially children's. So if a flash accompanies every picture taken with a phone, subject will always know their photo's been taken. If phone makers would adopt this idea, it would save a lot of schools and sports and fitness facilities from banning pictures phones altogether. But they've shown resistance. "In South Korea," the BBC adds, "one of the most advanced mobile phones markets in the world, the government recommended that mobiles phones should produce a loud sound when used to take a picture. The government also considered the use of a default flash, but plans were abandoned after concerns from manufacturers." For an example of where picture phones can intersect with bullying see "Cyberbullying: Parenting problem" in my 5/14 issue.


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