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Friday, February 13, 2009

MN might ban sex offenders from social sites

Minnesota state legislators want to help social network sites keep predators off their sites. A committee of the state House of Representatives approved legislation this week that would prohibit any registered sex offenders from "logging on to sites like Facebook or MySpace," Minnesota Public Radio reports. "Participation in Web-based chat rooms would also be banned," the public radio service added, which would not be a bad thing, since - based on Pennsylvania's experience, anyway (see "PA case study: Social networking risk in context") - most sexual contact between sex offenders and minors seems to happen in chatrooms. Minnesota legislators say that, if it passes, the law would actually help keep offenders from going to social sites in the first place - "state officials could warn sex offenders about the ban in a regular notification of prohibited activities."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just discrimination based on a label. Just because someone has the SO label, doesn't mean they are trolling for someone to molest.

I can understand doing this to folks who are on parole or probation who used the Internet to commit their crime, but by kicking everyone off these sites, it's just discrimination, IMO.

What is next? Concentration camps and firing up the ovens? Yes, I know that is extreme and paranoid, but hell, nothing surprises me anymore.

9:01 PM  

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