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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Games for phones: A downside?

Parents, you do know that there's a lot of online chat associated with multiplayer gaming, right? (That is, gaming over the Net.) And, "as millions buy increasingly powerful cell phones, many companies are racing to develop video games to take advantage of the newfound portability," the Associated Press reports. What they mean by "portability" is that gamers can be anywhere. Which means that fellow chatters and players can reach kids anywhere - those who have these news phones with color screens, extra memory, and faster processors. As one expert told the AP, these phones are basically networked computers. Nothing to be alarmed about, just something for parents to think about: that there's a downside as well as an upside to almost any technology. With the new mobile Internet, as opposed to the old fixed Net, kids can be reached by just about anyone, not just in our homes but also when they're anywhere else. And, yes, in this case they'd be fellow gamers, but gamers who are strangers. And strangers who aren't perceived to be so, who already have "something in common" with the young people they're chatting with, because, "Hey, Mom, it's just a game."


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