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Friday, September 17, 2004

Watch out: Virus war

Somebody's going to make a movie of this. Virus writer Sven Jaschan caught by police. Admits to creating the Sasser worm that sweeps the world's computers. Exulting in his demise, arch-rival malicious hackers "using their favourite calling card - a tenacious computer virus dubbed MyDoom - "send out a new plague called MyDoom.Y with an attachment bearing a picture of Jaschan "to mock their vanquished foe," as Reuters described their exploit. Of course, the nameless, faceless victims of all this hacker hubris are us. So keep that anti-virus software humming (actually, just make sure it's installed and heed every update if it's not automatic). Here's CNET on the new MyDoom making the rounds.


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