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Friday, September 24, 2004

Family P2P policymaking

A software company executive emailed me some concrete comments about the family P2P policy ideas I floated in "Legal music" last week. He wrote:

"For your 'possible P2P policies,' I'd add a third (albeit, I am most certainly NOT impartial): Use a good P2P blocking application and 'override' the restrictions when your child wants to download [legal music], ensuring that you are around to supervise. [He's not impartial because he's developed P2P blocking software, but we agree this is another option parents might consider. Here are the two options I proposed last week.]

"I'd also caution against using Kazaa with solution #1. It is filled with adware and will slow your computer down. Equally concerning, it comes packaged with an application called P2PNetworking.exe. This application opens a port on your computer that is used for file-sharing, even if you are *not* using Kazaa. This open port represents a significant security risk. Finally, the RIAA has been targeting primarily FastTrack users, which is the network Kazaa shares on. So, if junior happens to get a copyright-infringing song, the risks appear greatest if he used Kazaa. I'd probably suggest EDonkey or Shareaza as good alternatives. BitTorrent is also a good suggestion." (Readers' comments are always welcome - email them to me anytime!)


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