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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great Net-safety guide for girls

The attractively packaged, straightforward advice in "A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet" is just fine for boys, too, but ... oh well, at least girls will benefit from it. (Is there a boys' version of American Girl's "smart girl's guides"?) The guide has lots of what the publishing biz calls "entry points" – quizzes, bullet points, subheads, short sentences and chapters, and bright, colorful graphics. But the best part for a parent is that it's written by mom, syndicated columnist, online-safety advocate, and blogger Sharon Cindrich. Sharon delivers in the tech-parenting area. She knows the research (both the risk-prevention and social-media kinds), sticks to the facts, and provides a calm, rational voice in a subject area fraught with hype and misinformation. The book (96 pp., $9.95) is aimed at girls 9-12. Here's its page at

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