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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FL school district's plans for sexting ed

The Miami-Dade school district aims to be a leader in teaching students the risks of cellphone sexting, the Miami Herald reports. Superintendent Alberto Carvalho wants to work with government and law enforcement to develop a curriculum for the coming school year, and he plans to put forth "a cutting-edge School Board policy" on the subject, the Herald adds. It looks like the superintendent is taking a solid multi-disciplinary approach; if the policy's approved, the district "will also begin conversations with local law enforcement and government agencies to review the existing laws." In the Miami-Dade district, students can have cellphones in school, but they have to be turned off during class. Here's UPI's coverage. Here's a little insight into one mother's tough experience with a school sexting incident. reports that school officials are being urged to develop such policies and programs, and School Library Journal recently zoomed in on some intelligent thinking on the subject in Pennsylvania. Here are's tips for dealing with sexting (see also "Meaty perspective on sexting").

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Anonymous Tom Krieglstein said...

All well to do, but seems like another case of Moral Panic as sexting is such a minor issue with teens. The money would be much better spent on a broader training on proper internet policies.

8:08 AM  
Blogger sendkathy said...

I'm afraid this problem is starting in elementary school only it isn't sexting, it's a more clinical approach like playing doctor, but hey, who would be charged? I'm thinking parents or even teachers. Kids have been known to say, see, this is my sibling etc, or mom getting dressed. Parents have no idea what their young kids are using the phone or camera for and how it might impact them.

9:47 PM  

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