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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Teen entrepreneur: Low entry fee

Parents could share this with teens at their house - for their inspiration or insights into a way into the job market. One of 18-year-old Jessica Mah's reasons for starting - true to its name, an internship-listings site - was "to show my friends (and the world) that it doesn't take more than a $200 to throw a Website together," she's quoted in TechCrunch as saying. It's a little raw, TechCrunch reports, but this newest project of the teen blogger and University of California, Berkeley, junior, has opened its "doors." I appreciated the context TechCrunch gives this story: "There are alternatives, such as After But a site that just does internship listings could work. What would be better would be a site that combines listings with ratings. Maybe Mah should try to pair up with" See the article for comes examples of internships.

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