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Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch out for 'clickjacking'!

The problem is, it's hard to detect, and - according to Trend Micro - virtually all Internet users can be victimized by clickjacking. What is it? A computer-security attack that tricks people into clicking on a link that appears only briefly on their screens, such as in a little game (see this illustration on YouTube). Clicking on it could cause your browser to download malicious software or allow malicious hackers "to open the microphone or Webcam on your PC to eavesdrop," CNET reports. TrendMicro says the only good news is that one protective measure is available, but it's kind of a geeky one: install the Firefox browser's NoScript plug-in and enable "Always Forbid iFrames" in its options ("use the latest version of NoScript v1.8.2.1 with the ClearClick technology"). In any case, tell your kids to be really suspicious of offers to play or download little Web games, especially ones they've never heard of before. Here's more from computer-security experts' blog and coverage from NewsFactor.

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