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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Real-time (very) mobile dating

For some singles, apparently, going to a Web site and emailing back and forth before actually meeting someone is way too cumbersome. With the MeetMoi cellphone service, one can receive a potential date’s profile (that of a person who’s selected by MeetMoi for his/her physical proximity) via text message and set up an encounter minutes away. The Wall Street Journal calls this “instant Internet dating,” which can update you on nearby prospects as you move around. Zogo’s another such service, and the giant Web-based is adding this mobile capability to its service. Another example, Fast Flirting, “allows users to sign into a virtual ‘lobby’ where they can select a flirting partner based on factors such as age and location” for $3 a month. It’s new but there’s a market, the Journal says - 3.6 million US cellphone users having “accessed a dating service from their mobile phone in March.” But for it to really take off, of course, the market will also need to feel safe. There are safety mechanisms in place on many services (e.g., MeetMoi shares profiles without revealing actual location – users do that) but, if teens are using them, parents might want to ask if they’ve tried such services and are taking advantage of safety features.

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Blogger Derek said...

We are very concerned with the safety of our users. All chats are anonymous unless both parties reveal their location or identities.

As for children on the system, we require all users to be over 18 years old.

We would love to hear any additional comments or suggestions about how we can make this system as good as it can be.

3:20 PM  

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