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Thursday, April 05, 2007

UK's cyberbullied teachers

In British classrooms, it's the teachers who are getting bullied (well, in North America too, actually see "We're all on Candid Camera"). In its usual irreverent style, The Register reports on its investigation into what was really being said in about "front-line educator" Andy Brown when he spoke about his and other educators' experiences at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference (yes, there were some meanies, but there were also some nice ones about how "witty, intelligent, inspiring, encouraging, kind and creative" Mr. Brown is). It's an entertaining article that might be pointing to the lessons of the social Web: We're all going to be increasingly "out there" (more public), so, as they are for our teen social networkers, our options are: a) be glad if the balance sheet of Web public opinion is more positive than negative, and b) develop a thicker skin and be who we are, or c) just be nice all the time (which of course is also no guarantee of an all-positive balance sheet). See also "The social Web's digital divide" between self-exposing teens and their privacy prone elders.


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