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Thursday, August 26, 2004

P2P deterrents, incentives

University students are probably among the 744 file-sharers targeted in this latest round from the RIAA, and universities are working on ways to keep them out of the fray. In addition to the 744, the RIAA (record company trade assoc.) is also suing 152 who have declined to settle out of court, The Register reports, making the total 896 and the grand total around 4,000. Meanwhile, more than 20 US colleges and universities are now providing legal music-downloading services and some two dozen more have deals with Napster and other providers in the works, reports Wired News, citing a just-released report from a coalition of universities and entertainment companies. And not only record companies are happy. Free downloading has become an attraction students look for in choosing schools, USAToday reports. "Penn State struck the first deal with Napster in January. The trial program was so successful that many other schools took notice. Now, when students return to school ... they'll find free, legal digital music as the latest amenity, alongside cable TV and campus concerts." Hmm, then there's the academic part!


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